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The email address is going away on April 15, 2017. Please update your address book to my personal email address at


Welcoming Annapurna, my Chromebook — Mar. 2017

So I purchased myself a new laptop on 3 March. Meet my Chromebook Pixel, one of the few laptops you can still find with integrated 4G LTE support. The LTE support was only one reason why I decided to buy a 2013 laptop to replace my other 2013 laptop, of course; the 239 ppi display should prove to be its own reward.

Pursuing a new fitness plan — Feb. 2017

I’m starting a new exercise routine tomorrow and I plan to do it for 16 weeks. The idea is to do things that will enable me to lean out faster than mere dieting will allow me to accomplish. This is a five-day plan and it should make for interesting blogging if nothing else.

The systemd purge continues! — Feb. 2017

The great systemd purge of 2017 continues. I’m moving away from Linux distros that use it, little by little, and I’m migrating to any system that doesn’t use systemd: Slackware Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, you name it. systemd is a pimple on the ass of free software, and it deserves no less than annihilation – or, at the very least, wholesale abandonment.

Recent Albums

Human Again (2012, Cabin 24)
This album, and its lengthy track list, were the result of a shitload of inspiration on the part of Ingrid Michaelson, and the result is her finest hour as a musician, an excellent demonstration of one woman's abilities both behind the mic and the pen.
Happenstance (2004, RCA Victor)
I debated hard on which Rachael Yamagata album to put here, because I love them all. Just good indie pop. Even with her deep, sultry, smoky voice, Yamagata makes it all sound so effortless, a trend she's carried on with her albums since this one. "I Want You" is a mustn't-miss, as are "Be Be Your Love" and "1963."
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2015, Moshi Moshi)
I'm still very much in love with this album, easily the best collective work by Florence + the Machine and Florence Welch's own best work as a songwriter and a vocalist. The entire damn thing will blow your mind, or at least it has mine.

Recent OS Installs

Confused? Check out my computer list at

Haiku nightly
On Elbrus. Fun to check into; I wonder if I'll ever be able to use it as a daily OS. I missed the boat on BeOS, so this'll be the closest I ever get without finding old, obscure hardware. (My Kubuntu image lives on an SSD, so when I need to use it for work, I can.)
On Annapurna. Absent a firmware switch, this laptop is useless as a Linux box, because of suspend weirdness. Not that I mind -- Chrome OS is unexpectedly good -- but it'd be nice if Google used standard ACPI like everyone else. Bad look, Google.
Kubuntu 16.04 LTS
On Elbrus. Plasma 5 makes this more pleasant to use, day-to-day, than Slackware. Chew on that, PV!

Recent Reading

On Writing Well by William Zinsser
An excellent guide to writing nonfiction. I make it a point to read this one at least every year.
Getting Things Done by David Allen
The ultimate masterwork of modern productivity. If you're too busy to read this book, that's why you need to read it.

Trading Post

For Sale (starting 3/1/17)

  • Assorted computer parts, $5-20 each, including video cards, memory, cables, etc. I'm clearing out the clutter, my loss is your gain. List here.
  • Assorted 35 mm cameras, including SLRs, P&S, and rangefinders. Brands include Canon and Minolta, priced to sell. $5-100 each, will offer discounts. List here.
  • Random crap, $1 to $∞. List here.

For Purchase (as budget permits)

  • Canon FD 24/2.8 SSC, 35/2.0 SSC, 200/2.8 SSC, and 300/4 New FD camera lenses
  • DDR3-1333 8 GB DIMM, low-density, Crucial Ballistix Sport preferred. I'm after 3 of these.
  • Vinyl records, all sizes (no 78's), contact me for a list of what I'm currently interested in
  • Canon AE-1 or AT-1 camera body, preferably with no lens.