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The MLK Day Update (Jan. 2018)

Is it baseball season yet?

2½ things to start 2018 off with (Jan. 2018)

2018 is upon us and that means 2½ things.

Recent Albums

There Goes Rhymin' Simon (1973/Columbia)
Making its rounds on my turntable once more. Features my favorite Paul Simon love song that isn't "Kathy's Song."
Aja (1977/ABC)
A masterpiece of jazz rock, featuring my favorite Steely Dan song of all time, "Deacon Blues."
The Nightfly (1982/WB)
An awesome debut album by Donald Fagen, half of Steely Dan.
The Joshua Tree (1987/Island)
The only U2 album I care about, even slightly.

Recent Books

Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë, 1847)
A coming-of-age tale about the rare liberated Victorian woman. I'm getting a lot more out of this one as an adult than I did as a dumb teenager.
What Color Is Your Parachute? (Richard Bolles, 2012)
The best career advice there is, period.

Trading Post

For Purchase (as finances permit)

  • Canon FD 24/2.8 SSC, 35/2.0 SSC, and 200/2.8 SSC camera lenses
  • 3x DDR3-1333 Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM
  • Vinyl records listed here
  • Canon AE-1 or AT-1 camera body, no lens
  • Other stuff listed here