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Hey! I'm looking for a job. If you need someone who can program, write, tolerate Microsoft Office, or make coffee, then hit me up. I'm at I'm also on LinkedIn at /in/tnwae. If you'd prefer to call, email me first for my phone number.


The Labor Day Update — Sep. 2017

It’s Labor Day, which means that football season is upon us here in Big Orange Country, and just around the corner in Broncos Country. Among the pertinent updates in my teensy corner of the world:

Stuff I Want — Jul. 2017

So that I can keep up to date with the material goods I want to have in my possession, I’m maintaining a list on this site at It’s mostly for my own edification, though you are certainly welcome to peruse it.

The Siete de Julio Update: Back to the Macintosh — Jul. 2017

I bought a MacBook recently and I’m back to using Snow Leopard to get things done. Fun! I also got an iPhone 6S and I’m having a gay old time relearning all of the iOS I’d forgotten I knew. The space gray iPhone goes surprisingly well with my gray Chromebook Pixel, and I’m officially in love with the San Francisco system font on the iPhone, enough so that it’s now my system font on the Chromebook.

Recent Albums

Firecracker (1997/Geffen)
A fairly boring album, all things considered, but Lisa Loeb's second effort is also proof that the late '90s weren't a total cultural wasteland, despite Paul Simon's efforts to the contrary. (Songs from The Capeman was a bomb for a reason.)
Little Dreamer (2008/Blue Thumb)
English singer/songwriter Beth Rowley isn't terribly well known outside her native UK, and it's a shame: she has a lovely voice and she's a decent songwriter. (Florence Welch she ain't, mind you.)
Hearts & Bones (1983/Warner Bros.)
Fact: This was supposed to be a Simon & Garfunkel album. Fact: It isn't, though it was produced by a staff featuring Paul Simon and longtime S&G producer Roy Halee. Opinion: It's a terribly underrated Paul Simon album.

Recent OS Installs

Confused? Check out my computer list at (Page under construction.)

Windows 10
On Elbrus and Sagarmatha. I'm preparing Sagarmatha for sale and Elbrus is now my iTunes/Office toaster.
On Elbrus, on an old 60 GB hard drive. Just a fun thing. I can't wait until this is ready for prime time.

Recent Books

You, Inc. (Business Plus/2011)
A few dozen anecdotes and pieces of advice. (Imagine if your silver-haired grandmother was a CEO before she retired, and that she was still as direct and bullshit-free as ever.)
Brazen Careerist (Warner Brusiness/2007)
While a few of Penelope Trunk's predictions have yet to bear fruit in the real world, her advice is fundamentally sound at all career stages. Everyone who works should read this book.

Trading Post

For Sale (starting 5/1/17)

  • Random crap, $1 to $∞. List here.
  • I'll furnish a link to my eBay here as soon as I list some stuff.

For Purchase (as budget permits)

  • Canon FD 24/2.8 SSC, 35/2.0 SSC, and 200/2.8 SSC camera lenses
  • DDR3-1333 8 GB DIMM, low-density, Crucial Ballistix Sport preferred. I'm after 3 of these.
  • Vinyl records (20/25/30 cm), singles, EPs, and LPs. I'm interested in anything on this page.
  • Canon AE-1 or AT-1 camera body, preferably with no lens.